Wedding Photography in That Little Place They Call Venice.

Since we began our first wedding shoot in Venice a few years ago, somehow we instantly knew there was something rather charmingly different about spending a day in this magnificent location with our special couple.

Venice Wedding Image

The fascination behind the idea of capturing magical moments of a wedding in Venice inspires couples worldwide, and in recent years Venice really has transformed into one of the most sought out locationswhen searching for fabulous shots for the treasurable wedding album!

For us as wedding photographers, step by step as we create the pages of a memorable wedding album, Venice is always an exciting place to photograph a couple in love. No other city can compare to the labyrinth of waterways, side streets and the quaint Piazza’s. Built entirely on water, it’s easy to understand why!

Believe or not, we try not to create a “typical day” in Venice when it comes down to wedding photography as each wedding shoot has its own flavour and character portrayed through the couple! Naturally, we make sure we hit the hotspots of Venice – the crowded tourist attractions that simple show everyone the beauty of a couple’s Venetian adventure but also focus on more original and authentic locations.

Venice Wedding Image

The narrow back streets and those hidden places that you’d simply miss make perfect wedding locations. Getting off the beaten track not only gives us a chance to capture more unique images, but also a little “time out” from the crowds and onlookers delighted to see a bride and groom!

On a wedding photographic adventure through the streets of Venice, this magically guarantees to spread contagious smiles and spontaneous curiosity among the locals and tourists. Feeling like a film star on the red carpet – all eyes are on you! So managing to slip away from the spotlight from time to time, is always a good move,

These are some of the reasons why we simply adore what we do as Wedding photographers and why so many decide to capture their everlasting moments in that little place they call Venice.


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