view from Srd to see Dubrovnik Croatia skyline

A beautiful wedding in Dubrovnik Croatia.

Our gorgeous couple decided to have a romantic shoot few days after their wedding.So we made a plan, followed with weather forecast and hit the road 800 km journey from the north part of the country was a great opportunity to talk about scenes and wishes of the bride and the groom.

The shooting was planned for the next day early in the morning. During the day the city is usually crowded with tourist and it is very hard to find a perfect location for shooting.If you want to take a peek of what we did, please see images below and the video at the end…

Hope you’ll enjoy it!

detail of the gate entering the city
view at the streets of Dubrovnik
bride and groom looking at each other in front of the store at stradun street
bride and groom smiling at stradun street with sun flare in background
bride and groom walking down the stradun street
black and white close up shoot of the bride and groom with closed eyes
bride and grom kissing in passage in dubrovnik
detail of the building in dubrovnik
bride and groom walking staircase popular from game of thrones seasson five
portrait shoot of bride and groom
bride and groom standing together at the stairs poplular kings landing in the games of thrones
bride and groom standing in front of the church
portrait of the nride with beautiful soft light shadow
portrait of the groom at shadow
view at old harbour dubrovnik city
bride and groom together
bride and groom together walking and smiling in dubrovnik
bride and groom close up old harbour dubrovnik
bride and the groom together at the dock dubrovnik
close up shoot bride and groom alone
bride and groom standing together at enterence in kings landing
view from Srd City of Dubrovnik in full plan
bride and groom together focus on the city of dubrovnik
bride and groom together focus on them
bride and groom walking together holding each other hand
close up of the couple

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