Getting married in Croatia is more and more popular every year. Cities on the coast are the most popular, but there are also beautiful places all over the country. The one of a kind place is Castle Trakoscan at the north part of the country. Castle Trakoscan’s cultural heritage, is protected as a historical entity, which consists of the castle, the building next to the castle, park and forest park with a lake. Here you will find all you need for prefect intimate wedding or even for big fat wedding. Here is a 5 star hotel Trakoscan were you stay or have a reception dinner. Just few minutes walk from hotel there is a small church were you could have ceremony.

Lets get back to our wedding and our beautiful couple Danijela & Igor. It was a beautiful  sunny day  in June.  Once we are arrived here we stay for next 12 hrs. No cars, no stress, nothing, just nature and beautiful old castle. The best way to show how it looks are photos below….enjoy…..