Marieta and Stanko | Corberon resort wedding

Marieta and Stanko were married on a rainy Sunday in Croatia. The wedding would take them and their guests on a journey from a church in a historic city to a secluded, romantic forest. The rain did nothing to dampen the wedding party’s spirits, but it did help create some magical photo opportunities that only enhanced the natural beauty of their venue.  


The Photography

The wedding photography for Marieta and Stanko was aided by the two unique and striking locations where the ceremony and the reception took place. The Romanesque-Gothic design of St. Nicholas’ church made for an incredibly classic and romantic setting. Deep in the forest at the reception, the combination of the strings of lights and the mist from the rain gave the photos an ethereal, dream-like quality.

glass tent in corberon resort with brown chairs and white flower decors
Groom Stanko standing by the window and getting on his black jacket
bride Simona standing in front black wall with tree decore
wedding rings detail shoot
the portait of the bride Simona in the front of white wall
the bride holding hers white flowers
bride reflection in the mirror

The Wedding Ceremony

Varazdin is an 800-plus-year-old city in Northern Croatia where the medieval, gothic architecture is still very much intact. Marieta and Stanko were wed at St. Nicholas church, a church that is believed to have been built at the time of the town’s inception in the 1100s.

2 kids entering the church of st nicholas in varazdin carrying basket white white flowers
the groom watching his wife walking down the aisle in st nicholas church in varazdin
bride walking down the aisle with her mum in st nicholas church varazdin
the detail of bride and groom holding each other hand in church ceremony
wide angle shoot from the back of the church to see the all the guests and bride and groom
the ceremony of rings exchange bride and groom looking each other
brides and grooms hand on the cross detail shoot
ring exchange in front of the preach
kid sleeping in the middle of the ceremony
the detail of the dress
bride and groom walking out from the church
bride and groom kising and laughing she is holding hers white flowers
bride and groom walking in the streets of varazdin looking each other
back shoot bride groom walking down the street
wide shoot of the glass tent in coreberon resort

The Reception

After the ceremony, the 80 or so guests set out on a bus on the 90km trek to the Corberon Wedding Resort, just north of Zagreb. The venue sits in the middle of a centuries-old forest and provides a beautiful, remote and rustic location for the wedding celebration. The reception was held under a tent due to the weather which only added to the intimate feel of the event.


It was an incredible party, deep in the woods. There was incredible food, a loving mood, and incredible entertainment. The wedding band Exzodiac provided the soundtrack to the festivities which peaked when they brought out the night’s special, surprise guest, ZsaZsa. It was an unforgettable night for all involved.

shoot of the table with decors and flowers
detail of decor on the table in corberon
shoot from the forest to show the location
detail of the lights on the terrace
detail of the guest list
the portait of the bride and groom together standing on the terrace of the resort
detail shoot of bride and groom kissing and smiling on the terrace
bride and groom first dance
bride and groom dancing first dance ZsaZsa sing in the back
ZsaZsa with the bride and the groom sing
bride and hers best friend partying
wide shoot of the party
bride and groom having a party
black and white imge of bride and groom dancing
bride and groom portrait kissing back light just for siluethe