Reflexion Wedding Photography & Videography

my name is Damian Fiket and I am the owner and the photographer in Reflexion Weddings.
So, let’s start with how I have got into photography and weddings.
For me it was a family tradition. My grandparents started photography business 50 years ago, then my parents continued and today I am also doing this amazing job.
In 2006 I decided to re-brand our family studio and that’s how Reflexion Weddings begins.
First we were local studio working more then 60 weddings per year in Croatia.
As we were getting more and more jobs around our country and abroad (Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria…)I hired another excellent photographer.
His name is Mladen and we work together for more than 12 years now.

Our goal

We are highly experienced European based creative professionals with attention to every detail.
Above all, as photographic storytellers, we are passionate about what we do best.
Relax and truly enjoy the everlasting occasion as we guarantee professional high quality photos capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments.
Take a look at our work, contact us and let’s create something special together.
We believe that wedding photography doesn’t have to be boring.
We don’t just want to produce photos, we want to make a piece of art that will blow your mind.
Weddings for are a challenge for us, a challenge made of many photography genres in only one take, there is no chance to repeat it tomorrow.
Our goal is simple, create amazing memories of your wedding day.
We would be happy to share your vision and to create unique story of your day.
Get in touch to create your glorious wedding story.

About us Reflexion Wedding from Reflexion on Vimeo.