Vishalane & Kishan enegement session

It is so nice to be back again in Hallsatt, Austria. Beautiful small town,perfect for small elpoement weddings or pre-weedings, at Hallstatt
lake in Austrian alps. This time we had an early morning  engagement session with beautiful coupe Vishalane & Kishan. They have traveled all the way from Kuala Lumpur to this beautiful and romantic place.

Couple Visha and Kishan standinh at the dock in Hallstatt with beautiful panorama
cuople standing at the dock in hallstatt with wide lens angle shoot
cuople standing at the dock edge and looking the lake of Hallstatt

To be honest, sometimes we do “fake” engagement but this one was real and very cute. We ( photographer and videographer) did not know that Kishan will propose his beautiful Vishalane, so during the shot, he came to us and whisper us ” guys, just tell me when and he shown us a ring”. So we have made a plan with him.
How it was,check the photos and video at the end 🙂

couple sitting together on the bench looking each other and smiling romantic shoot
cuople walking together holding each other hand and smiling
couple walking together holding each other hand in Hallstatt centre
couple walking together
Visha waving the dress in front of her boyfriend
couple standing at the most popular sight in Hallstatt
couple shoot standing together and smiling
couple walking together and smiling wide shoot
close up shoot of couple smiling
hallstatt mountains with clouds
couple standing together and smiling
couple together hug each other
couple together he kissing her forhad
couple together smiling standing on the stairs and watching hallstatt
couple together
couple together at small island at hallstatt lake
proposal moment
proposal moment
Kishan put the ring on Visha finger
Kishan lift Visha in the air after proposal moment
close up shot of hands
detail of hug
couple walking over the bridge
couple shoot from the back looking each other with mountain in background