Wedding Photographer Croatia;



The proof of life’s beauty is encompassed by a lot of factors but one that stands out with precision is the union of souls.

Luka and Lana are components of a fraction of the people who were affluent enough to have found this proof of life’s beauty. Their union was an epitome of beauty that exuded its presence in the universe. I was merely privileged to capture all this memories.Time being a crucial factor to Luka as he tried to trend with thild so that he could bare witness of his beloved las gracing his heart with hers concurrently as Lana did the same while bracing herself in beauty, elegance and delight. She did all this knowing that she would shortly begin a life with one who allowed her to be proof of life’s precise beauty.

Capturing evidence of Luka and Lana’s melting souls blend, began in North of Croatia/ Varazdin on the 13th of August 2017, it was a wedding that complemented and showed true love as it is, a blessing.

They thrilled in the affirmation of support spewing from all phases of the room reassuring both of them that this day was the beginning of something not short of sheen and glee. It was special, binding and engulfed in bliss and ebullience. “One who finds a wife, finds a good thing,” this was the brace and foundation of this union as Luka and Lana shared their loyalty and vows for each other before God and human pillars in their lives.

The reception was bombarded with joy and delight for the newly wedded couple from all ends of the room and even as they laid lanterns into the sky to light up their union and ensure that that it was engulfed by brightness.

The trend of capturing this breathtaking moments of their lives, did not stop there. We later proceeded to the beautiful Opatija , Croatia to grasp evidence of bliss between their commitment to each other.

Wedding photographer Croatia