As promised, following a successful pre-wedding shoot in New York City, we’d like to share with you some of the highlights of how the session unfolded on our timeline of NYC. With such an icon city overflowing with recognizable images, what better way to kick-off the session than by capturing Times Square. Energy levels were high, feeling excited and this was the perfect way to begin capturing such a creative and expressive place.

Our next port of call took us to the Lincoln Memorial Center with gorgeous lines, striking compositions and fantastic reflections.



Over to the one of the most famous set of steps in the world. Ladies, you know these steps better than you think! Yes, that’s right – the steps featured in New York Sex and City! Our bride suddenly for a moment became Carrie Bradshaw, but she’d already been proposed by her Mr. Big. As we all felt it was time for a snack, we made our way to another familiar spot we all know and love – The Magnolia bakery!



There’s just something magical about the Manhattan Bridge. Towering over the Hudson River connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan, this became the backdrop to our next set of shots. If there’s a movie scene form NYC that conjures up familiar images “Once upon a time in America» would be up there in the forefront!

Wedding photo shooting in New York 6

As the electric city began to shine at night, we moved onto the spot just beneath the Brooklyn Bridge which manages to illustrate the city lights in this radiant panoramic shot. Getting around in the city gives you 3 options – catch a bus, grab a taxi or jump on the subway which is what we did most of the time. Sharp leading lines captured at Canal street station lead us towards the final spot concluding a day full of adventure and energy making it full circle back to Times Square. The place we shot our first image to take our last.

Wedding photo shooting in New York 7

Wedding photo shooting in New York 8


Wedding photo shooting in New York 9