Last month we returned to Italy, but instead of just basing ourselves at the wonderful Venice we were kindly asked by Victor and Loraine from China to create a photo-shoot towards the central Italy spending a fabulous day in the beautiful city of Rome.

Loraine and Victor’s Wedding in Rome 1


Our Chinese couple, who had flown over to Europe to discover the elegance, character and culture of what the capital cities have to offer, made the right choice to create a wedding photo album shot in this magnificent ancient city!

Loraine and Victor’s Wedding in Rome 2


It was wonderful to explore the city, walking through the piazzas and the winding streets onwards to our planned locations in Rome. Curious locals and intrigued tourists, clapped as the wedding couple strolled by, somehow making everyone stop for a second sending out a contagious smile. The overwhelming elegance of St. Peter’s Square, the waters of Fontani di Trevei, experiencing the majesty of the Pantheon and the Colosseum were just a selection of the marvellous locations on our Rome hit-list!

Although a demanding day under the Italian heat, a very exciting and productive day creating images that will be treasured for a lifetime!