Planning a wedding or honeymoon is never an easy task. You’re a couple who dream of a romantic trip together. You want to keep those memories alive and then share them with your family and friends. Howabout featuring in a stunning romantic movie where you and your loved one dramatically become the main characters? A honeymoon in Italy ticks all the boxes!

honeymoono in italy brode and groom together staying on the bride gondola passing

Any initial honeymoon list of potential destinations wouldn’t be complete without Venice – a place where you simply step into a living film-set. A city with its own special atmosphere – an atmosphere of romance, peace and intriguing harmony. Venice fascinates us all with its marvellous winding canals, the taste of coffee on the morning terrace with fantastic panoramic views, exciting sunsets, and magnificent palaces drowning in the light of the numerous canals of the city on water.

bride and groom in venice running on the san marco square

Then there’s Rome. Wandering around Italy’s capital, you’ll discover every building is a legendary monument and each museum is a collection of masterpieces. A city certainly full of appeal, surprisingly cheerful, sunny and relaxed, as crowds of friends hang around until dawn enjoying the highlights of the first morning rays upon the pavement. Rome is a city where you can relax to the full. The best city in the world!

bride and groom walking on the spanish stair in rome

Let’s take a closer look at Florence. The perfect place for a honeymoon! It’s often described as one of the world’s most romantic cities with its unique atmosphere sharing unforgettable experiences. Here you’ll find local tours offering a walk of discovery around the city as your professional photographer gloriously engraves the most beautiful moments of this romantic journey.

Moving onto Milan, some would be surprised to see this on the list. The stereotype suggests Milan is merely an industrial city overflowing with business exhibitions and conferences. Take a step further, plunge into its architectural atmosphere and step by step the city will somehow grow on you and get a touch closer to your heart. Let it reveal its charm and you’ll see its uniqueness! As it triggers your emotions, you’ll distinguish its sensuality!

bride and groom near colosseum in rome italy

Whatever you’re looking for – images enjoying each other’s company, in a villa beside a picturesque lake, visiting the eternal “celebration of life” in Venice, hitting the slopes in the Alps or taking a trip of a lifetime across Italy – through our images we can help you make the idea a reality.

fashion shoot bride at wall in venice groom is passing by


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