It’s no surprise that with its artistic wealth and rich history, Italy has always been one of the most well-known hot-spot tourist destinations, but its reputation as one of the top wedding venues is ever on the rise. Not just VIPs and celebrities, but more and more everyday couples with different backgrounds are opting for a wedding in this fabulous country.

Venice Wedding Photography Bride And Groom San Marco

One tourist destination in Italy which certainly stands out is Venice. Known as the City of Light, Serenissima and the Queen of the Adriatic, Venice is one of the chief wedding destinations among couples from all walks of life. The absolute beauty of this city lies in the ‘floating’ buildings which are only accessible via the magnificent canals. The bravura Venice architecture has always attracted tourists over the years. Recently, it has become the centre of attraction for those who want to tie the knot due to the huge romantic appeal.

Wedding Venues in Venice

As far as wedding venues in Italy go, Venice is known as the most romantic city. It’s up there when it comes to the top world wedding destinations. When planning for a wedding among the first things that spring to mind is the budget you’re willing to spend on your ceremony and the style of ceremony you want to have. Once you’ve established these two factors, getting a wedding venue is often quite simple.

Bride standing in front of caffe Florian in Venice

Palazzo Cavalli, an elegant building along the side of the beautiful Grand Canal, is a venue for civil wedding ceremonies. If you’re expecting more than 60 guests for your wedding then this venue might not be the ideal choice. If you’ve always dreamt of a traditional church wedding, there is an abundance of breathtakingly beautiful churches available in the city that will more than pleased to hold your wedding ceremony. Intriguinly, there’s also a wide variety of choice from visually-appealing romantic alleys to charming hidden gardens and beautiful palaces firmly rooted in history. The thing about Venice is that everything is possible – you might even to decide to take things one step further and get married on a gondola.

bride and groom together in front of bridge of sight gondola is passing by

Preserving the memories

Naturally, your wedding day features as one of the most significant moments of a lifetime so you need a professional Venice wedding photographer to capture every step of your wedding in this beautiful city. A professional wedding photographer will capture all the events and moments that make one couple and their family unique. The subtle glances, emotions and interactions should be portrayed in the final images. You need to hire a photographer who has a passion for photography and a real knack for the job. Having your wedding in Venice perfectly documented by a professional, will ultimately keep the memories of your wedding for decades to come sharing these memories with your children and hopefully grandchildren.

bride is dancing in front of the church Venice


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