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Palazzo Cavalli Venice Wedding Italy | Jade & Henry

 Palazzo Cavalli Venice Wedding Italy.

Life is a collection of moments…

And indeed, there are a couple of memorable moments in life that’s truly thrilling.                                        

One such moment is when you are born. While others have a firsthand feel of the anxiety and excitement that comes with your entrance into the world – you only get to feed off stale, watered down stories years later!

But somehow, life more than compensates you for this via another all-important, life-transforming, and memorable moment – your wedding!

This time, you’re all grownup and are in a much better position to partake, appreciate and soak-in every beautiful moment that this special day has to offer.  

A turning point like your wedding day is one such moment to nourish, cherish, and garnish with all the trappings of a world-class event! 

One couple that hit the mark, leaving no stone unturned as they created an unforgettable experience around their wedding, was Jade & Henry. 

The event took place in Venice…

Venice has always been widely described as the “City of Love”, “Most beautiful city built by man”, and “the world’s most romantic city”.

And like in the movies where location is everything, Jade & Henry exchanged marriage vows on Friday, 23rd March 2018, at the Palazzo Cavalli – aka, the wedding ‘headquarters’ of Venice!                  

This iconic location – not far from the Ponte dell’Accademia and just next to the Palazzo Barbaro on the Grand Canal of Venice – offered perfect backdrop for capturing great memories of the wedding ceremony between Jade & Henry on camera.

The reception took place at Rosa Rosa Venice – beloved by award-winning American actor – Johnny Depp. This warm, elegant, and historic restaurant famous for fish dishes and pizzas, played host to Jade, Henry and guests with the finest cuisine in town.  


Finally, Jade and Henry call it a day at the hotel, Ca’ Malipiero – a one-time Venetian palace once home to several nobles and their families – including Pasqual Malipiero who was the 66th doge of Venice.   

All in all, this event was no doubt the happiest day and a turning point for the principal actors involved: For Jade, it was the day she kissed singlehood goodbye, embracing her new adventure 

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