Last month we were honored to shoot gorgeous wedding of Matthew and Irina.

We would like to show you some of greatest locations to take wedding shoots.
Firstly,start with the most famous square in Venice, Italy, where it is generally known just as “the Piazza”.

Locations for wedding photography in Venice - San Marco piazza

The problem of taking great images at San Marco square is crowds of tourists,

but also the buildings around the square are tall enough so it isn’t difficult to avoid crowd entering in image frame.

As you are at San Marco you also must to visit most famous caffe bar in Venice – Caffe Florian. It was established in 1720, and is a contender for the title of the

oldest coffee house in continuous operation.

venice wedding photography


One of most beautiful building in Venice is Doge’s palace next to basilica on San Marco square. This part of San Marco square is also known as Piazzetta.

The Piazzetta di San Marco is not part of the Piazza but an adjoining open space connecting the south side of the Piazza to the waterway of the lagoon.

The Piazzetta lies between the Doge’s Palace on the east and Jacopo Sansovino’s Libreria which holds the Biblioteca Marciana on the west.

Locations for wedding photography in Venice - Doges' palace

As Venice is build on adriatic sea, there are lot of water canals. You can take a tour with gondola. The gondola is a traditional, flat-bottomed Venetian rowing boat,

well suited to the conditions of the Venetian lagoon. For centuries gondolas were the chief means of transportation and most common watercraft within Venice.

If you don’t like to take a ride withe gondola, you can always go by foot. The maze of canals threaded through the city requires the use

of more than 400 bridges to permit the flow of foot traffic. In 2011 the city opened Ponte della Costituzione, the fourth bridge across the Grand Canal,

connecting the Piazzale Roma bus terminal area with the Stazione Ferroviaria (train station),

the others being the original Ponte di Rialto, the Ponte dell’Accademia, and the Ponte degli Scalzi.

Locations for wedding photography in Venice - Venice gondola

In next part we will show you some of greatest location to shoot wedding images, outside San Marco Piazza.