Brides-to-be, a word of caution. Just because Uncle Joe or Aunt Sally has a nifty digital camera, that doesn’t mean you should hand over the intricate job of taking photos on the most important day of your life. We all need to understand the fact that wedding photography is an art like no other – it’s physically demanding, a stressful task, and there’s usually only one chance to capture that all-important moment. That’s why it’s a good idea to take your time and hire a professional Europe wedding photographer to handle things on your special day.

Yes – trying to make the right choice will often leave you slightly confused. There are so many so-called expert photographers out there, but you simply cannot afford to take a chance. Here are a few things you should consider when selecting an experienced photographer.

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Personality: Although you might feel like it, avoid making a hasty decision. Take your time to select a photographer, and always pay attention to the overall personality of that individual. Remember, you (as a bride) will be spending the better part of an entire day with your photographer, which is why it’s essential to feel 100% certain you both get along.

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Body of Work: Today, anyone can call themselves a pro. However, you should always select a photographer only after inspecting their work. Be ready to ask questions – ask them where they’ve travelled, how many events they’ve covered, etc. While looking at their work, try to determine if the photographer is able to shoot according to a style you’d like. Their work will also tell you about the type of photographer they are – they could be “computer heavy” stylized shooters, portrait specialists, documentary “journalistic” image-makers, or even fashion photographers. So, make sure your Europe wedding photographer has the images and portfolio to prove they have covered several wedding functions and won’t spoil your special day.


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Cameras: it’s a good idea to ask a photographer about the number of cameras they own. They should at least cover your wedding party with two cameras, as there should be a backup plan in case a camera malfunctions during the wedding. More importantly, if you’re dealing with a professional photographer, the chances are when asked about their kit, they’ll talk your ears off about the greatest and latest piece of photographic equipment.


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Commitment: Make sure you only select one photographer who is full-time and is committed to capturing high quality images. The way they present themselves will tell you a lot about their passion and professionalism. If a photographer wakes up everyday thinking about pictures, the chances are that he will go the distance to capture every moment in the best way possible.


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