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Venice wedding photographer, Italy | Jesica & Cole

Venice wedding photographer

Jessica and Cole

We hired Reflexion Weddings to be the photographer for our civil wedding in Venice, Italy. We chose to have an intimate ceremony performed at the Palazzo Cavalli, a sixteenth-century Renaissance building overlooking the Grand Canal. The Palazzo is close to the Rialto Bridge, and is one of the most beautiful locations in Venice.

The building, which is named after the Cavalli family, was home to the American novelist James Fenimore Cooper who wrote “The Last of the Mohicans” at one time. We thought that its striking architecture would make the perfect backdrop for our wedding pictures, and we weren’t disappointed.

We had some photos taken inside the building. The period furniture, paintings, patterned carpet and the exquisite chandelier just set the tone perfectly. We felt as though we were a fairy-tale couple in our own European castle!

When we went outside to capture some images on the grounds of the Palazzo Cavalli, we continued to feel very comfortable with our wedding photographer. We were able to relax and let our love for each other shine through in our photos, with everything feeling very natural. We especially loved the idea of being photographed wearing masks — Who wouldn’t be intrigued by a handsome stranger?

It started to rain while we were having our photos taken. Rain on the day of the wedding is a sign of good fortune. The rain is a sign of blessings, hope and prosperity. These are exactly the feelings we want to carry with us as we start this phase of our lives together. As the showers cleared away from the beautiful Palazzo in Italy, we felt that we were free, starting our lives with a clean slate and open to whatever Life has waiting for us.

Our photographer from Reflexion Weddings was able to capture our personalities in the photos that were taken on that memorable day that will live in our hearts forever. We can’t thank you enough for being part of it.


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