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Dubrovnik Wedding Photographer

Dubrovnik Wedding Photographer.  A city of true European and Mediterranean delight. A city that has fought for its independence throughout centuries of its existence as one of the most important locations in the Mediterranean. Freedom has been, and still continues to be highly appreciated in Dubrovnik, as expressed by the renowned Croatian poet Ivan Gundulić, native of Dubrovnik, who wrote those famous lines of freedom – ‘Fair liberty, beloved liberty, liberty sweetly avowed …’ almost four hundred years ago. Regardless of Dubrovnik’s high regard for freedom in its every form, there simply can’t be a better place to be tie the knot.

Wedding photographer Dubrovnik bride groom old palace

Every corner of Dubrovnik testifies to its glorious and turbulent past, as it remains standing against all odds, against all adversities. It is precisely these kinds of characteristics newlyweds vow to each other on their wedding day. Naturally, an excellent wedding photographer knows just how to translate Dubrovnik’s story into a very intimate story of a couple in love. Dubrovnik’s city walls representing a symbol of strength, the main street known as Stradun as the throbbing heart, and the Franciscan Monastery portraying a harmonious haven. Dubrovnik’s churches often signify the sanctity of marriage, while the Sponza Palace represents the gentle serenity of the occasion. These are simply just a  few places in Dubrovnik which can serve as the perfect background for an unforgettable love story as portrayed by the wedding photographer – the beauty of love with beautiful Dubrovnik.

portrait of bride and groom in Dubrovnik

Can there be a better guide to take a pair of excited lovebirds around Dubrovnik than their very own wedding photographer, their supportive companion as they make their way down the aisle? In fact, the photographer is the only person whose role it is to accompany the bride and groom throughout the entire wedding journey. As those wedding nerves start to creep in, the right wedding photographer will always know how to calm the couple down, distract them, and make them focus their celebrated love in one of the loveliest cities worldwide.

Attracting visitors from all corners of the world, Dubrovnik is truly an international city that embraces everyone and somehow makes them all feel welcome. It really is easy to relax in such a great place by the sea.

bride with umbrella Dubrovnik

Regardless of the wedding style, it is an absolute must to choose the right wedding photographer. Dubrovnik is a true Mediterranean gem and appreciating it as such practically guarantees amazing wedding photos. Just as Dubrovnik is one-of-a-kind, so is each couple and their wedding experience, a memory which they want to preserve by capturing fabulous photos.

A city that has lived through it all, provides a wealth of options for an extraordinary wedding. Anything is possible – a wedding within a palace, a fortress or in an ancient church. Celebrating love by the sea, on a beach or aboard a boat, with a view of the city from Lokrum island or the Srđ hill, in Dubrovnik only the sky is the limit. Getting married in Dubrovnik is like the city itself – breathtakingly exciting, memorable, gallant and simply unique. With its rich cultural-historical heritage, its wonderful position by the Dalmatian Sea, and as a city that cherishes freedom so passionately, Dubrovnik still remains one of the perfect places on earth to start the journey of husband and wife.

bride groom wedding sea deck Duborvnik


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