Seems you have said yes and your are searching for your wedding photographer in
Dubrovnik Croatia? Congratulatios.

We are Damian & Mladen – Reflexion wedding photographer & videographer in Croatia. We are based in Croatia ( north part) but we travel for weddings around the country but also the world.

What we can do for you? We don’t want just to create images from your wedding day, we want to make a  piece of art that will blow your mind.

Weddings for us are a challenge, a challenge made of  many photography genres in only one take, there is no chance to repeat it tomorrow.

We learned how to deal with most difficult situations with attention to every detail.Our goal is simple. To create amazing memories for you that will make your parents cry and your friends jealous.

We would be rally happy and honoured to share your vision. Lets start talking about your ideas and wishes.


Few more words about Dubrovnik.

Every corner of Dubrovnik testifies to its glorious and turbulent past, as it remains standing against all odds, against all adversities. It is precisely these kinds of characteristics newlyweds vow to each other on their wedding day. Naturally, an excellent wedding photographer knows just how to translate Dubrovnik’s story into a very intimate story of a couple in love. Dubrovnik’s city walls representing a symbol of strength, the main street known as Stradun as the throbbing heart, and the Franciscan Monastery portraying a harmonious haven. Dubrovnik’s churches often signify the sanctity of marriage, while the Sponza Palace represents the gentle serenity of the occasion. These are simply just a  few places in Dubrovnik which can serve as the perfect background for an unforgettable love story as portrayed by the wedding photographer – the beauty of love with beautiful Dubrovnik.

aerial view on sunny summer day at Dubrovnik Old Town
The palm terrace at Hilton hotel in Dubrovnik with sea view

Can there be a better guide to take a pair of excited lovebirds around Dubrovnik than their very own wedding photographer, their supportive companion as they make their way down the aisle? In fact, the photographer is the only person whose role it is to accompany the bride and groom throughout the entire wedding journey.

As those wedding nerves start to creep in, the right wedding photographer will always know how to calm the couple down, distract them, and make them focus their celebrated love in one of the loveliest cities worldwide.

Attracting visitors from all corners of the world, Dubrovnik is truly an international city that embraces everyone and somehow makes them all feel welcome. It really is easy to relax in such a great place by the sea.

Regardless of the wedding style, it is an absolute must to choose the right wedding photographer. Dubrovnik is a true Mediterranean gem and appreciating it as such practically guarantees amazing wedding photos. Just as Dubrovnik is one-of-a-kind, so is each couple and their wedding experience, a memory which they want to preserve by capturing fabulous photos.

A city that has lived through it all, provides a wealth of options for an extraordinary wedding. Anything is possible – a wedding within a palace, a fortress or in an ancient church. Celebrating love by the sea, on a beach or aboard a boat, with a view of the city from Lokrum island or the Srđ hill, in Dubrovnik only the sky is the limit. Getting married in Dubrovnik is like the city itself – breathtakingly exciting, memorable, gallant and simply unique. With its rich cultural-historical heritage, its wonderful position by the Dalmatian Sea, and as a city that cherishes freedom so passionately, Dubrovnik still remains one of the perfect places on earth to start the journey of husband and wife.

inside Fort Fovrijenac in Dubrovnik with white flowers decor on the wall before wedding ceremony
Fort Lovirjenac in Dubrovnikaerial view in late afternoon

Why us? 

Over the last  10 years we worked on many weddings. With that experince we learned how to deal in most difficult situations.

We are passionate about what we do best. Relax and truly enjoy the everlasting occasion as we  guarantee professional high quality images capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments.

We do have some “ collections” prepared but we d be happy to share your  vision and create something unique  for you.

Lets grab some coffee and lets start talking….

The roof of St. Vlaho Cathedral in Dubrovnik

What documents you will need to prepare?

The best advice we get for you in our General Registar Office is to go to your
local Registar Office and ask them to prepare a documentation for you to get married in Croatia. All papers have to be translated to Crotian and you will have to have

an offical translator with you in Registar Office here in Croatia. Dont

worry there are many offical translators in every city in Croatia.



All documentation is required to be original or certified copies and translatedinto Croatian by the relevant authorities.

Your Certificate of No Impediment  / Certificate of Freedom to Marry must not be older than 3 months (90 days).

All documentation must be submitted to the Registrar at the Town Hall 30 to 45 days prior to your wedding taking place. If you are using a wedding planner they will organise this on your behalf. However, if you are organising your own wedding you will need to make provisions to ensure your documentation is correctly submitted and lodged on time.

The following documentation for both the bride and groom is required to be presented when applying for a marriage licence in Croatia.

  • Certificate of No Impediment / Certificate of Freedom to Marry bearing the stamp apostille
  • Full passport with minimum validity of twelve months.
  • Photocopies of the picture page of the passports of the bride and the groom
  • Photocopies of the picture page of the passports for your two witnesses, listing their name, address and occupation.
  • Full Birth Certificate (showing mother and fathers names), bearing the stamp apostille
  • If you are divorced – Decree Absolute and previous Marriage Certificate.
  • If you are a widower – Death Certificate of previous spouse and previous Marriage Certificate.
  • Name Change Deed Poll Certificate – if applicable.

Adoption Certificate – if applicable

Most popular venues in Dubrovnik?

We know it is hard to organise destination wedding, so to help you we provide a list of most popular venues in Dubrovnik

fort Lovrijenac

Sponza Palace

hotel Excelsior Palm terrace

villa Argentina

villa sheherezade

Revelin Club

Rectors palace

Villa Orsula

Villa Cordessa

hotel Lapad

bride and groom in kissing pose in front of building in Dubrovnik

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