bride and groom kissing each other on the terrace of the corberon resort

Marieta & Stanko | Corberon resort wedding Zagreb Croatia

Marieta and Stanko | Corberon resort wedding

Marieta and Stanko were married on a rainy Sunday in Croatia. The wedding would take them and their guests on a journey from a church in a historic city to a secluded, romantic forest. The rain did nothing to dampen the wedding party’s spirits, but it did help create some magical photo opportunities that only enhanced the natural beauty of their venue.  


The Photography

The wedding photography for Marieta and Stanko was aided by the two unique and striking locations where the ceremony and the reception took place. The Romanesque-Gothic design of St. Nicholas’ church made for an incredibly classic and romantic setting. Deep in the forest at the reception, the combination of the strings of lights and the mist from the rain gave the photos an ethereal, dream-like quality.

glass tent in corberon resort with brown chairs and white flower decors
Groom Stanko standing by the window and getting on his black jacket
bride Simona standing in front black wall with tree decore
wedding rings detail shoot
the portait of the bride Simona in the front of white wall
the bride holding hers white flowers
bride reflection in the mirror

The Wedding Ceremony

Varazdin is an 800-plus-year-old city in Northern Croatia where the medieval, gothic architecture is still very much intact. Marieta and Stanko were wed at St. Nicholas church, a church that is believed to have been built at the time of the town’s inception in the 1100s.

2 kids entering the church of st nicholas in varazdin carrying basket white white flowers
the groom watching his wife walking down the aisle in st nicholas church in varazdin
bride walking down the aisle with her mum in st nicholas church varazdin
the detail of bride and groom holding each other hand in church ceremony
wide angle shoot from the back of the church to see the all the guests and bride and groom
the ceremony of rings exchange bride and groom looking each other
brides and grooms hand on the cross detail shoot
ring exchange in front of the preach
kid sleeping in the middle of the ceremony
the detail of the dress
bride and groom walking out from the church
bride and groom kising and laughing she is holding hers white flowers
bride and groom walking in the streets of varazdin looking each other
back shoot bride groom walking down the street
wide shoot of the glass tent in coreberon resort

The Reception

After the ceremony, the 80 or so guests set out on a bus on the 90km trek to the Corberon Wedding Resort, just north of Zagreb. The venue sits in the middle of a centuries-old forest and provides a beautiful, remote and rustic location for the wedding celebration. The reception was held under a tent due to the weather which only added to the intimate feel of the event.


It was an incredible party, deep in the woods. There was incredible food, a loving mood, and incredible entertainment. The wedding band Exzodiac provided the soundtrack to the festivities which peaked when they brought out the night’s special, surprise guest, ZsaZsa. It was an unforgettable night for all involved.

shoot of the table with decors and flowers
detail of decor on the table in corberon
shoot from the forest to show the location
detail of the lights on the terrace
detail of the guest list
the portait of the bride and groom together standing on the terrace of the resort
detail shoot of bride and groom kissing and smiling on the terrace
bride and groom first dance
bride and groom dancing first dance ZsaZsa sing in the back
ZsaZsa with the bride and the groom sing
bride and hers best friend partying
wide shoot of the party
bride and groom having a party
black and white imge of bride and groom dancing
bride and groom portrait kissing back light just for siluethe

Annabelle & Thomas | Engagement in Dubai desert

dubai deset shoot with strong wind

So happy to be in Dubai last month.

We were invited to be a part of an amazing congress for luxury wedding vendors, and also to do engagement shoot with beautiful people from United Kingdom  but living in Dubai now,  Annabelle & Thomas.

It was amazing and we were impressed with the hospitality and kindness. To tell you the truth Dubai was not on our bucket list, but now we would like to come back, over and over again.
So lets get back to Annabelle & Thomas engagement.

We have been told that to experience rain in Dubai is a blessing.

But to experience a sand storm on our first desert trip in just 10 minutes being there is unbelievable.
Yes, these storms can be very powerful and dangerous but this one was just enough to have amazing fun with Annabelle & Thomas for their engagement session.

Tingting & Stefano | Venice Italy Wedding


 Venice Italy Wedding photographer | Tingting & Stefano.

Last summer Tingting and Stefano had amazing  wedding in ,most romantic city in the world, Venice, Italy.

                                                                                            It was one of the hottest day in 2018.

As usual we starts with bride and grooms preparation shooting.

When you’re trying to document or tell the story of the wedding day, the coverage often starts a number of hours before the wedding ceremony;

Tingting was in one apartment near  Rialto bridge,is the oldest of the four bridges  spanning the Grand Canal and Stefano was in another apartment near church Santa Maria del Giglio.

To get the feeling of this beautiful wedding please check the story in images below...Hope you we like them ;-)

Wedding Photographer Split Croatia | Annie & Luca


Wedding Photographer Split Croatia

Wedding Photographer Split Croatia panorama of split marine

Annie and Luca from Melbourne, contacts us after their wedding with wish to have photo session while

they are on their honeymoon in Split, Croatia.


Why Split?

What wedding planners say about wedding there "  Irresistible mixture of history, tradition, impressive architecture and relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle. Modern vibes, contemporary design and culture of living by the beach and on the beach are features that will easily warm your heart when in Split. Split is the city of museums but also lively museum itself.

Idyllic destination for urban yet romantic seaside wedding. Here you can say „Yes“ at many beach wedding venues or just choose some of the luxurios hotels or authentic restaurants in the city. "

 We liked the idea and suggested them to bring a wedding dress and suit so they could have a "real wedding " look photos.

They arrived on 16th June and on the same day we did photo shooting.

We visited some of the most famous sites in Split and this is what we did in 2 hrs of session.

Check their photo story below and enjoy...

Wedding Photographer Split Croatia palace at the main squareWedding Photographer Split Croatia detail of the house in centreWedding Photographer Split Croatia bride and groom walking together watching each otherWedding Photographer Split Croatia bride and groom hugging Wedding Photographer Split Croatia bride in white dress kissing groom in black suitWedding Photographer Split Croatia bride and groom luaghingWedding Photographer Split Croatia view to island hvarWedding Photographer Split Croatia bride and groom siting on the bench hvar island in backgroundWedding Photographer Split Croatia bride and groom kissing on the benchWedding Photographer Split CroatiaWedding Photographer Split Croatia bride holding groom Wedding Photographer Split Croatia seagull flyingWedding Photographer Split Croatia waves Wedding Photographer Split Croatia bride and groom looking flash from the side for dramatic lightWedding Photographer Split Croatia beautiful sunset with bride and groom kissingWedding Photographer Split Croatia 115Wedding Photographer Split Croatia marina viewWedding Photographer Split CroatiaWedding Photographer Split Croatia church tower with palms in frontWedding Photographer Split Croatia bride and groom walking and holding each other hand details shootWedding Photographer Split Croatia portrait of the bride kissing the groom close up shootWedding Photographer Split Croatia detail of the groom black suitWedding Photographer Split Croatia clouds on the skyWedding Photographer Split Croatia bride and groom holding each other old city enteranceWedding Photographer Split Croatia light pocket on the wallWedding Photographer Split CroatiaWedding Photographer Split CroatiaWedding Photographer Split Croatia

Margareta & Georg | Austria Graz Wedding


Margareta & Georg | Austria Graz Wedding


Austria Graz wedding photographer

Margareta & Georg , such amazing couple from Graz Austria. Last summer I was privileged to shoot this intimate wedding. This wedding had 2 parts, first they had ceremony and small brekfast & lunch in Graz and the party dinner in Zagreb Croatia. Margareta was born in Croatia and Georg in Greece and they are great match.

We met at Town Hall for a civil wedding ceremony. After was a breakfast break at Cafe Rosenhain. The view from Café Rosenhain onto the Graz skyline is simply gorgeous! It was a 3 hr break so we had a great time for shooting while the guest enjoy in Restaurant...

Vienna Wedding Photographer | Tacy & Oliver


Vienna Wedding Photographer.

Vienna, Austria’s capital, lies in the country’s east on the Danube River. Its artistic and intellectual legacy was shaped by residents including Mozart, Beethoven and Sigmund Freud. The city is also known for its Imperial palaces, including Schönbrunn, the Habsburgs’ summer residence. In the MuseumsQuartier district, historic and contemporary buildings display works by Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt and other artists.

Tacy & Oliver

...before their wedding day in Singapore later this year, Tacy & Oliver decied to take romantic trip to Vienna and to have their pre wedding photo shooting in this romantic city. Vienna with its history and building is really amazing scene and it is so easy to take amazing photos anywhere.  To see what we did in 3 hr walk all over the city with this great couple, check the photos below.

vienna wedding photographer

vienna wedding photographer vienna wedding photographer vienna wedding photographer vienna wedding photographer vienna wedding photographer vienna wedding photographer vienna wedding photographer vienna wedding photographer vienna wedding photographer vienna wedding photographer vienna wedding photographer vienna wedding photographer vienna wedding photographer vienna wedding photographer vienna wedding photographer vienna wedding photographer vienna wedding photographer vienna wedding photographer vienna wedding photographer vienna wedding photographer vienna wedding photographer vienna wedding photographer vienna wedding photographer vienna wedding photographer vienna wedding photographer vienna wedding photographer vienna wedding photographer vienna wedding photographer vienna wedding photographer




Palazzo Cavalli Venice Wedding Italy | Jade & Henry


 Palazzo Cavalli Venice Wedding Italy.

Life is a collection of moments…

And indeed, there are a couple of memorable moments in life that’s truly thrilling.                                        

One such moment is when you are born. While others have a firsthand feel of the anxiety and excitement that comes with your entrance into the world – you only get to feed off stale, watered down stories years later!

But somehow, life more than compensates you for this via another all-important, life-transforming, and memorable moment – your wedding!

This time, you’re all grownup and are in a much better position to partake, appreciate and soak-in every beautiful moment that this special day has to offer.  

A turning point like your wedding day is one such moment to nourish, cherish, and garnish with all the trappings of a world-class event! 

One couple that hit the mark, leaving no stone unturned as they created an unforgettable experience around their wedding, was Jade & Henry. 

The event took place in Venice…

Venice has always been widely described as the “City of Love”, “Most beautiful city built by man”, and “the world’s most romantic city”.

And like in the movies where location is everything, Jade & Henry exchanged marriage vows on Friday, 23rd March 2018, at the Palazzo Cavalli – aka, the wedding ‘headquarters’ of Venice!                  

This iconic location - not far from the Ponte dell'Accademia and just next to the Palazzo Barbaro on the Grand Canal of Venice – offered perfect backdrop for capturing great memories of the wedding ceremony between Jade & Henry on camera.

The reception took place at Rosa Rosa Venice – beloved by award-winning American actor – Johnny Depp. This warm, elegant, and historic restaurant famous for fish dishes and pizzas, played host to Jade, Henry and guests with the finest cuisine in town.  


Palazzo Cavalli Venice view on the square Palazzo Cavalli Venice bride details in room Palazzo Cavalli Venice bride holding gold shoes Palazzo Cavalli Venice bride putting her white dress on Palazzo Cavalli Venice bride holding flowers reflection in the mirror Palazzo Cavalli Venice bride and her mom together Palazzo Cavalli Venice bride portrait holding the flowers with celling background Palazzo Cavalli Venice groom getting ready buttoning shirt Palazzo Cavalli Venice groom giggle and holding his arm while buttoning Palazzo Cavalli Venice groom putting his blue jacket Palazzo Cavalli Venice detail of grooms jacket Palazzo Cavalli Venice grooms portrait whit textured light Palazzo Cavalli Venice groom looking from the hotel one Palazzo Cavalli Venice gondola on the canal in venice in front of the hotel Palazzo Cavalli Venice father is kissing the bride Palazzo Cavalli Venice father walks the bride down the aisle Palazzo Cavalli Venice father giving his daughter to the groom Palazzo Cavalli Venice best man putting wedding rings in the cup Palazzo Cavalli Venice wedding ring shoot detail Palazzo Cavalli Venice wedding ring exchange Palazzo Cavalli Venice bride and groom together on balcony rialto bridge in background Palazzo Cavalli Venice bride groom with guest together Palazzo Cavalli Venice bride and groom together with gondolas in front Palazzo Cavalli Venice groom is taking brides hand and walking in venice Palazzo Cavalli Venice rosa rosa resturant in venice Palazzo Cavalli Venice dinner and speeches in Rosa rosa Palazzo Cavalli Venice bride and groom in front of doges palace venice Palazzo Cavalli Venice bride and groom walking on San marco Palazzo Cavalli Venice bride and groom together in front of florian caffe Palazzo Cavalli Venice bride and groom together on one of the bridges in venice Palazzo Cavalli Venice bride and groom kissing with blue textured wall Palazzo Cavalli Venice Palazzo Cavalli Venice

Finally, Jade and Henry call it a day at the hotel, Ca’ Malipiero – a one-time Venetian palace once home to several nobles and their families – including Pasqual Malipiero who was the 66th doge of Venice.   

All in all, this event was no doubt the happiest day and a turning point for the principal actors involved: For Jade, it was the day she kissed singlehood goodbye, embracing her new adventure 

Austria Wedding photographer | Karen & Leung


 Austria Wedding photographer

Karen & Leung form Hong Kong traveled half a globe to come to one of the

most beautiful village in Europe, Hallstatt in Austria.

Hallstatt is a village on Lake Hallstatt's western shore in Austria's mountainous Salzkammergut region. Its 16th-century Alpine houses and alleyways are home to cafes and shops. A funicular railway connects to Salzwelten, an ancient salt mine with a subterranean salt lake, and to Skywalk Hallstatt viewing platform. A trail leads to the Echern Valley glacier garden with glacial potholes and Waldbachstrub Waterfall.

The village Hallstatt is such an unbelievably spectacular place that even the Chinese

have created a copy of the ancient salt mine village.

But only in the original will you discover this truly unique culture with such

a history all in a breath-taking mountain setting.

 Austria Wedding Photographer

 Austria Wedding Photographer Austria Wedding Photographer Austria Wedding Photographer Austria Wedding Photographer Austria Wedding Photographer Austria Wedding Photographer Austria Wedding Photographer Austria Wedding Photographer Austria Wedding Photographer Austria Wedding Photographer Austria Wedding Photographer Austria Wedding Photographer


The Benefits of a Wedding Test Shoot

The Benefits of a Wedding Test Shoot

An intimate, modest wedding within the company of close family and friends. A mouth-watering feast overflowing with hundreds of guests. Wedding receptions on the beach, in a glorious castle or cosy restaurant. A themed wedding or perhaps something more traditional. Whatever you decide, there are a few things all these “wedding ideas” have in common.

Firstly, the desire to make sure everything goes to plan. The desire to be a reflection of the wedding that truly celebrates the love between two people. Trying to make this a genuinely significant day for everyone, especially the newlyweds. A day to remember and treasured for a lifetime.

Not to be taken lightly, the person responsible to capture these memories is the wedding photographer. Through documenting wedding stories either in the form of photos or video, this is an important day in the life of the newlyweds that will always stay fresh in their memory. Therefore, it's crucial to choose a photographer who will know how to tell your unique love story, as every wedding is a truly unique affair.

Once you've made your decision to select a photographer for a wedding based on a recommendation or insight into his work, the only way to check whether the photographer has really managed to adapt to the needs of the newlyweds is to conduct a “wedding test shoot” which provides numerous advantages.

Compatibility test

A wedding test shoot specifically allows the newlyweds to make sure their selected photographer is the one to truly show the special bond between them, and to discover if the newlyweds and photographer are compatible.

The conversation between the photographer and the newlyweds serves as a way to explore, express desires by the newlyweds and get to Know each other. During the shoot you'll clearly establish if you're on the same wavelength and ultimately visible to both you and the photographer. For every couple it's essential to preserve the memory of such an important day in your life, so why take the risk when all it takes is just a few hours to carry out a short test shoot.

Makeup test

Equally, a test shoot is also the perfect excuse for the bride to test her makeup and hairstyle for the big day. Far from being the exact same hair and makeup for the wedding day, it provides a chance to try something out, mix and match and get a sense of what fits. Also, this test is often enough to convince the bride that choosing a specific hairdresser and makeup artist is the right choice.

Photogenic test

There are people who we would all class as beautiful, however, that doesn't mean everything will turn out the same in a photograph. Screen tests not only help the bride and groom to relax in front of the lens, especially those who subjectively think “I never look good in photos”, but can equally help the photographer as he prepares to make the ultimate creation to everyone's satisfaction.

To perfectly ensure you get the exact kind of wedding day memory you imagine, a wedding test shoot is the ideal solution for any couple. If there's a sense of trust between the newlyweds and the photographer, everything becomes far more easier. Why not use the photos from the test shoot as ornaments, personalized gifts for guests, invitations or even thank-you cards or simply remain as a wonderful keepsake. Above all, there's no other sight more beautiful than that of an image bursting with love between two people.


Get in touch to create your glorious wedding story

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Wedding photographer Croatia | Luka & Lana

Wedding Photographer Croatia;



The proof of life’s beauty is encompassed by a lot of factors but one that stands out with precision is the union of souls.

Luka and Lana are components of a fraction of the people who were affluent enough to have found this proof of life’s beauty. Their union was an epitome of beauty that exuded its presence in the universe. I was merely privileged to capture all this memories.Time being a crucial factor to Luka as he tried to trend with thild so that he could bare witness of his beloved las gracing his heart with hers concurrently as Lana did the same while bracing herself in beauty, elegance and delight. She did all this knowing that she would shortly begin a life with one who allowed her to be proof of life’s precise beauty.

Capturing evidence of Luka and Lana’s melting souls blend, began in North of Croatia/ Varazdin on the 13th of August 2017, it was a wedding that complemented and showed true love as it is, a blessing.

They thrilled in the affirmation of support spewing from all phases of the room reassuring both of them that this day was the beginning of something not short of sheen and glee. It was special, binding and engulfed in bliss and ebullience. “One who finds a wife, finds a good thing,” this was the brace and foundation of this union as Luka and Lana shared their loyalty and vows for each other before God and human pillars in their lives.

The reception was bombarded with joy and delight for the newly wedded couple from all ends of the room and even as they laid lanterns into the sky to light up their union and ensure that that it was engulfed by brightness.

The trend of capturing this breathtaking moments of their lives, did not stop there. We later proceeded to the beautiful Opatija , Croatia to grasp evidence of bliss between their commitment to each other.

Wedding photographer Croatia