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Vienna Wedding Photographer.

Before their wedding day in Singapore later this year, Tacy & Oliver decied to take romantic trip to Vienna and to have their pre wedding photo shooting in this romantic city. Vienna with its history and building is really amazing scene and it is so easy to take amazing photos anywhere.  To see what we did in 3 hr walk all over the city with this great couple, check the photos below.


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Exclusive One on One Wedding Photography Workshop

Exclusive One on One Wedding Photography Workshop

This year we started with an exclusive one on one mentoring.  You will study  for one full day in our studio or location, and followed by a live shoot with models. We will demonstrate all posing & lighting techniques that will set your work apart from the rest. You will also be able to work with Reflexion studio team at an actual wedding .You will be able to use photos you acquired from both live shoot and the wedding to start refining your portfolio.

Are you ready to take your photography business to next level?

Exclusive One on One Wedding Photography Workshop Damjan Fiket


Here are some of the topics we will be covering;


Marketing to your ideal clients

Building a price list

Wedding Workflow

Album design and upsell

Shoot the type of images to stand out

Creating fine art images by using a natural light

Creating composite photographs

Off camera flash tehniques

Posing candid portraits

and much more…


Investment  999 euro.

We also approve 50 % discount on second and third attendee.